Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast

Chronicle the rise of two great comics, Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis, and be swept away as they embark on their journey toward their utter domination of the comedy world.
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Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast


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Feb 23, 2020

Daddy-Shane has finally come home to learn his nasty little son was smoking pot and carrying on with his buddies while he was away. Discipline is in order. 

Feb 14, 2020

The word has been made flesh. Please listen and enjoy. 

Feb 4, 2020

The D.A.W.G.Z. celebrate a big victory at Top Golf and then get right down to biz. We talk about getting scurred after watching The Outsider, Moose's munching Pumpkins, Maritime Law, and of course...The Scotty Defense

The sequel to this ep can be found below

Jan 29, 2020

Sup DAWGZ. We talked some mothercuffin shop on this one.  Basically took stock of our podcast umbrella, investigated links between bat munchin and that new scary disease, talked about ego ascension, Shane's sick night, and MOREEEEEEEEE


Also peep the Patreon to get into PT 3 of HarderCore History

Jan 20, 2020

Adonai Blesses the DAWGZ with his humble teacher goddess, Santa Maria. Hear her teachings!

Jan 14, 2020

Chris Wood ponies up to the table and displays his crafts for the DAWGZ who are very pleased with his efforts. 

here's his podcast if you're into him and want to check it out

Jan 5, 2020

The DAWGZ hop the fence and roam the neighborhood. Topics include Iran, Shane's sick tee, oceanography, dream projection, SSPX Church, and a bunch more. 

Dec 30, 2019

Shane and O'Connies are coming off yet another big weekend on the road. Shane kept things low key due to his morality/tummy problems. Meanwhile O'Connies forged a strong alliance with a doomed soul who attempts to lead him toward the isle of the sirens. Cusk's channeling powers are tested when Shane, doing the bidding of the Orion group, test's his FAITH in the one true creator, Adonai.  

Dec 24, 2019

Shane, coming off a hard weekend on the road, is greeted by the sixth dimensional mind/body/spirit complex referred to as Cuskie. Much of the vibrational sound complex's space/time is spent discussing The Ra Contact, Phil Getting Coal, How awesome Christmas is, Rosicrucianism, and many other thought/form distortions.  


Dec 18, 2019

NGL alot of fart talk on this one. We do talk about other stuff, but mostly farts. 

Dec 10, 2019

Chef Bezos and Elon Cusk are joined by Chris O'Connor for a topic-diverse romp on viral stars, Shane's interview, old shitty gigs, and then breaks into the exclusive award-winning Patreon History Cast: Hardercore History which is found hur:


Dec 4, 2019

It's super late and the DAWGZ are having a sleep over. No bull. Real sleepover. On a weekday too. 

rest of the eppie on patreon

Nov 26, 2019

Figured we'd break youz off with a little something to blast around the turkey. 



Nov 21, 2019

We talm bout Shane being at an Eagles game, The damned nature of Revolutions, Being naked in Florida, And then Prince Andrew and Englands bullshit ass political system with rulers and shyt.  

If you want the rest of the ep it's on the patreon link is below.

Nov 13, 2019

Gerbz, while standing due to a hemmy, comes back and dispels rumors of disloyalty with a vengeance. This dude is unstoppable. The best.   

Rest of the Ep is on the Paytch:

Nov 8, 2019

Sup Kings and Queens. This ep is on the Patreon. If you are poor and need to wait for a free one that is fine. No judgement. But if you're ballin out and can swing a measly fugging dollar a month, then this is for you, for the people in the front row aka the winners.

Oct 30, 2019

Fresh off a weekend of shows, the DAWGZ get together to chat the live cast, revolts, world leaders, and the death of Baghdadi.

Oct 15, 2019

The D.A.W.G.Z. shoot the breeze about Shane's trip to Indiana and then engage in some dump talk before being joined by a powerful freaking duo where they talk about S-E-X and haterz and then the whole things spills into the paytch. 

Oct 9, 2019


We just saw the Joker and now we're super dark and TwIzTiD

Oct 3, 2019

All we can do is reformulate and rebuild. Shout out to the loyal D.A.W.G.Z. Cold shoulder to the haterz. 

Sep 24, 2019

*whistling with hands in pockets

 Uh, hey guys. What's up? Wanna, like,  chyll or something? 

Sep 8, 2019

Matthew 27:3-4

Sep 3, 2019

Shane and O'Connies went to the Gettysburg battlefield to pay their respex to all those who gave their lives, not the guys who gave their lives to keep slavery going. That was a pretty gnarly miscalculation on their part. Sux for them. Then we interviewed Shane's Dad, which was tight as H-E-DOuble-L. 

Aug 26, 2019


We talkin' Football, Golden Tee, Machine learning problems, Chappelle's special, Clash of Clans and So much more, dude. 

Post Ep Patreon Bonus Cast found below:

Aug 22, 2019

Had to slap a cast together before hitting the HARRISBURG COMEDY ZONE!!!




We talk China

We talk Glory Holes

We talk LA

We talk Economics


DIG IN!!!!!

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